Monday, May 15, 2006

May 15, 2006 - Pregnancy Blog

Both Rob and I had a craving today for our favorite dish at a local Korean restaurant, but unfortunately it was closed.  I guess my "pregnancy cravings" are under control.  No having to get up at 2 AM for pickles and ice cream (not that we ever did that).

The baby's still moving and active, which is a good sign.  We also have "Bloody Show, Part Deux" going on, but my doctor's telling me to watch for contractions and pain.  Well, as far as that's concerned, I'm just feeling more pressure headed south, but nothing I'd call painful.  I've never done this before, so who knows.  Maybe I'll get a major backache in the middle of the night or early tomorrow morning.  Statistically (according to a website I checked out... can't remember which), Tuesday is the day that most babies are born.  And tomorrow's Tuesday.  Perhaps that'll be my lucky day.

I'm feeling more fatigue now as the days pass... I've been tired and sleepy more and more, hence the need for my afternoon naps.  If anything, the baby's absence means that I can actually store up on sleep before she arrives, because once she does, I'll never know the meaning of that again.  Sleep?  Wat's dat?

My due date is this Friday, May 19.  Here's hoping she's here before then.  If not, then we wait one more week, at which point we'll get her out whether she likes it or not.

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