Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Cast Members...

I'm sure you already know what's going on at the theatre... so let me just briefly summarize the comings and goings of the last few weeks:

- Alexander Gemigniani is leaving the show on July 21... Drew Sarich will take over beginning July 23.  Taking over Drew's ensemble track and Grantaire will be Michael Minarik.

- Ben Davis exited the show two Saturdays ago... in the meantime, Drew and Ben Crawford are alternating in the role until Robert Hunt steps in on or around July 6.

- Mandy Bruno exited the show 2 Sundays ago... Megan McGinnis is our new Eponine.  Going into her ensemble track is Cortney Wolfson.

- Victor Hawks left the show last Saturday... his track has now been split... Don Brewer and Ben Crawford share certain elements of it... Ben, formerly Courfeyrac, is now Brujon.  Don is now our new Courfeyrac.  Ben retains his other ensemble speciality role of the Factory Foreman.  Oh trust, it was confusing when we first found out how this was going to be split.

- J.D. Goldblatt will not be returning to Les Miz to finish his remaining shows.  Jeremy Hays has been filling in.  J.D.'s permanent replacement will be Mike Evariste.

- Kate Chapman left the show a couple of weekends ago... Lucia Spina has now taken over.

So there you have it, folks!!!  Whew!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Sunday, June 24

Uncle Paul came to visit today before he had to go back home to LA. And I was a good girl in church too (for the most part).

Sunday, June 24, 2007

And finally... it's over

Yes... our run of 16 shows in a row is over and done with.  By the end of it, many of us were close to going insane, being susceptible to laughing fits at even the slightest of silly things.  A cast member's pants ripped onstage (and loudly), which nearly sent me into a fit of laughter... another cast member mis-sung his lyrics, which sent another guy laughing, which then meant I had to fight to keep a straight face (despite the twinkle in my eye).  It's inhumane to make a company do these many shows in a row without a break.

Those of you doing theatre in Manila, consider yourselves blessed to have shows mostly on the weekends.

By the end of last night's show, my arms and legs were feeling weak and tired... everyone was battling physical and mental fatigue... and it didn't help that some a**hole was taking prolonged video of the show (during Fantine's Death, as well as the Act II Finale).  You all already know my feelings about this... I needn't write any more about it.

Right now I've got my TV on, my feet up and have sleepiness setting in.  Good night, everyone!  It's time to get some much needed rest.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

On Daddy's Shoulders

her laugh is just so delicious!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Musicals.Net and other musical theatre forums

I just recently joined musicals.net... I often lurk onto different musical theatre message boards to see what people are saying... no, it isn't always nice (some people can be VICIOUS!!!), but on the whole the atmosphere is friendly.

Just thought to post a shout out to the folks over there...

Monday, June 18, 2007

An update on Les Miz

Oh my goodness... there has been so much news coming out on message boards and other blogs that I guess it's time to straighten a few things out (without giving away news that hasn't already been delivered officially).

First... Ben Davis' last show was on Saturday, June 16, and Mandy Bruno's was today, June 17.  As for their replacements, Robert Hunt (who was in the ensemble of this production and a Javert on the tour) will be rejoining the show in a couple of weeks.  Understudies will be going in for both roles in the meantime.

As far as ensemble departures, Kate Chapman's last show was today as well... replacing her will be Lucia Spina.  J.D. Goldblatt's final show is this Thursday, but because he's been out sick (he had surgery on his foot last night and is now recovering), I don't know that he'll be able to play his last 5 shows.  I hope he comes back though, he's great.  Mike Evariste will be taking over.  Don Brewer will be doing the Courfeyrac track while Ben Crawford will now be Brujon, as well as a Valjean understudy.  Victor Hawks will be leaving the show on Saturday, June 23.  Christy Faber will also be coming in as a vacation swing for the girls, and Jeremy Hays, currently in Dan Bogart's track, will be covering a myriad of roles this coming week.  Whew!

Gary Beach will be having surgery, so he'll be out for a while.  Chip Zien (Into the Woods) will be performing in his place.  Gary and Chip are old friends, so Gary's really thrilled that Chip will be joining us.  I think he'll be a great addition to the show. 

And that is all!  Any other rumors of firings and cast changes that aren't written about here are all untrue.  If I didn't write about it, it didn't happen.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

A theatre in flux

I half-jokingly said to another cast member a couple of days ago that, because of all the people leaving the show and the new ones coming in, our theatre is in a constant state of flux. Jokingly, only because the people that are leaving are moving on to other, greater opportunities (hence, their departures are, although sad, are still happy ones), and that the people coming in will be great additions to the show and to the cast.

Over the next many days, there will be numerous cast changes and shuffles... one actor is going from his current track to another and being given an additional role to understudy, another actor is being given a brand new understudy position, three people are leaving this Sunday, two people are leaving next weekend, one is coming in as a replacement for another who's going on medical leave, and so on and so forth. That means a seemingly endless train of rehearsals and put-ins, costume alterations, and little to no sleep for the stage management and wardrobe departments who, I'm sure, are praying to STOP THE INSANITY.

So yes, our constant state of flux will remain, and I don't see an end in sight for this condition. As exciting as things can be when changes come, it's also nice when things finally settle in, and we can all enjoy some sameness for a good enough time.

At this moment I am not at liberty to make any public announcements of who's coming and going, but once I know, so will you. Please stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A little slice of home

I'm always excited when I find out that a friend from home (home being Manila) is coming to New York. It means plenty of conversations over a meal, visits with Nicole, and lots of laughter about... well... anything. I have been fortunate that over the last many months, besides my husband making his trips to see his little family, there has been Steffi and her lovely family... then Chari... and Bobby... and Raymund... later on, Menchu... and hopefully many more.

I will admit, I am homesick.  For nearly 2 years, Manila was my home.  This was the longest that I stayed since I left in 1989, and I wasn't very optimistic that I would be really pleased about it.  I had, by the time I returned, made Los Angeles home base, really becoming accustomed to the life and the lifestyle.  However, fate intervened in the lives of the Chien couple, and off Rob went to Manila, followed by me a month later.  In those 2 years, I reconnected with old friends and made a few new ones, discovered new life passions, and welcomed the third member of our little family.  I also released a new album and got out of Manila to visit Cebu and Davao (and LOVED IT!!!).

Fate intervened yet again, and now I'm here in New York with my daughter and my mother.  Yes, life has been treating me very well, what with Les Miz serving to fuel my artistic passions (as well as improve my poker game)... it's been really fantastic being back on Broadway.  But I miss home.  I miss the life that I made for myself while I was there for those 2 years.  I miss everything and everyone that touched my life, making it just that much more fulfilling and wonderful.

So, whenever I hear that one of my beloveds is on their way here, my heart skips a beat with joy, for I know that with their presence, they bring with them a slice of what my heart calls home.

Friday, June 1, 2007

A Day In The Park

Nic's first time in Central Park. Rob took this at the Sheep's Meadow.

There's a bug going around...

And it's a tough one to shake.

I thought this was just a simple cold, but it turned into a throat thing (I was off last Tuesday, no thanks to it).  I still have some discomfort, but I'm comfortable enough to still sing, thank goodness.  But a couple of our principals have fallen ill -- Ben Davis (Javert) and Mandy Bruno (Eponine) -- and I don't know when they'll be back.

Whatever this is, I want it gone.  I'm doing whatever I need to, and getting lots of rest.  Hopefully by this weekend I will be back at 100%... although I highly doubt that during this run, that's going to happen.  Hooooooh boy...