Thursday, June 30, 2005

Define "Sexy"

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word SEXY as:
1. sexually attractive or exciting
2. sexually aroused

Here's what I find sexy... qualities, visuals, images, thoughts, ranging from the simple and sweet to the not-so-wholesome (this list will constantly evolve as my tastes change). We are all sexual beings, created to be so, and that should be celebrated.

- intelligence
- wit
- humor
- confidence
- a great smile
- blood red roses
- satin
- lighted candles... lots of them
- a woman wearing an oversized white men's button down shirt... and little else (think Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith)
- that woman's partner looking at said woman in the white shirt
- foreplay (here's the thing: the "act" is a means to an end, but the prelude! Oh, sweet prelude... it had better knock my socks off!)
- kissing (from sweet little pecks to passionate explorations... on the lips and mouth... cheeks... jawline... ears... collarbone... supersternal notch... the bare nape of the neck... the back, from top to bottom... arms... hands... fingers... chest... breasts... stomach... legs... thighs... feet... ahhhhhhhhhhhh, kissing is good... goosebumply good)
- the rain (not a drizzle, yet not a typhoon... just enough to cool the temperature and warm the senses)
- kissing in the rain... or indoors while it's raining
- a good back rub or foot massage, given preferably by a lover
- that certain "look in the eyes"
- cleavage (yes I am a heterosexual woman, but I am one that appreciates beauty wherever I find it, male or female. I have just been turned onto the beauty of a woman's cleavage, and truly enjoy it when I see one)
- scented oils
- my "make out songs" and "sexy list" playlists on my iPod
- Barry White (have you ever heard the man sing?)
- Brad Pitt with really short hair
- Angelina Jolie (oh... my... God...)
- Hugh Jackman
- a candlelight dinner
- an active fireplace, or a bonfire
- a long, hot shower and how you smell coming out of one
- a guy who can play a mean guitar
- my lover's scent on my clothes
- creative uses for fruit (strawberries and cherries... yum...)
- sexy, suggestive sweet-nothings whispered in the ear...
- taking one's time... or rushing... depending on how you feel that day
- being naked
- falling asleep in the embrace of the one you love

(last revised: April 23, 2006, Manila)