Sunday, November 27, 2005

A Peanut Update

Okay... the peanut has definitely grown! My mama's belly is now just starting to show, and when I lie down flat, I can definitely feel the globular shape beneath my abdomen, my baby's home for 5 months longer. I can't wait for him/her to come out and greet the world! I've also been trying to figure out how both Rob and I will be able to get some semblance of sleep while keeping up with the feeding and the changing and everything. At the end of the day, I'm sure we'll come to the same conclusion that every parent in the world has: SLEEP??? WAT'S DAT???

While I still can, I'm going out and seeing friends, performing and seeing shows, dining with my husband (when he can... his schedule is far more packed than mine), walking around the mall, and taking trips, both domestic and international. Once the baby arrives, you can consider me grounded for a while, not able to take trips or even leave my house! My friends will have to come and visit... play with the baby... change a diaper or two. I know what that feels like, as I've had to do this for friends in the US. It was fun though, learning to negotiate changing a baby's clothes before they have the coordination and independence to do it themselves, diapers, and just spending time. It's really an incredible experience, one that will forever change my life.

I'll try to post a peanut update more often. The next check-up is in a few days, and by then hopefully we'll have a better photo to display. The last one was unpostable. Only a head, or a spine, or a thigh. I want to see a whole body!