Monday, June 9, 2008

From user whatsupketchup

I just received this message from another Multiply user... since there's a message here that would benefit the greater good, I thought to post it verbatim.


Hello Ms. Lea! Kmusta po? Kmusta din po kay cutie pie Nic and to your hubby Rob.

I am one of your fans and I love reading your thoughts here on multiply. Anyway, can I ask a little favor please? Please tell your friends or readers of your site to read my post on my multiply account about this scam that has victimized a lot of OFWs and our kababayans in the Phils. This scam is about globe/smart prepaid cards business. Apparently, this hacker will hack your yahoo mail and messenger and will use your identity by chatting with your friends on your yahoo messenger and will ask a favor to buy him/her prepaid cards. He/she will then promise to pay you back the next day. After getting the PIN numbers of the cards, he/she will not reply anymore. I have been victimized by this hacker who used my identity to get money from my friends.

I am exposing this scam as much as I can. I even wrote Inquirer, ABS-CBN and GMA-7 to make an article, news or a warning to our kababayans in the Phils.

Please help me expose it to everybody.

Thank you very much Ms. Lea. More power to you and God bless.

Hope to see you here in Chicago!

lots of love,


There you have it.  Visit whatsupketchup to read her post.  Thank you.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fan Mail Answered

Hi there!  I'm doing laundry at my Auntie's house in preparation for my trip home, so since I'm up waiting for it all to dry, I figured to write a pseudo-reply to my fans that have written me messages on Multiply...

It's a mite difficult to answer each and every message individually, as there are things that require my attention in the course of the day, but I do read everything (thanks for writing!).

- For those of you who wrote asking about my Cinderella schedule: I'll be doing each and every performance, barring illness, injury or vacation (I'm entitled to 2 weeks off somewhere in the run... waaaaaaaay after the Manila leg is over and done with).  If you see that my understudy is performing, it means that I am not in any way physically able to do that particular show.

- For those who write about how cute Nicole is, THANK YOU!!!  We think she's pretty darn cute too!

- For those just wanting to write to tell me about yourselves, wow!  Thanks so much for sharing a part of you with me.  It's great hearing about your families/school/children/talents/difficulties/hobbies/favorite things.  I'll apologize in advance if I don't write back.

- For those who sent PMs with allergy-relief suggestions, a huge THANK YOU!!!

- And finally, for those inviting me to join your networks, I'm flattered, but unfortunately I will decline... I do keep my Multiply site visible to everyone, but this isn't exactly a fan site, hence those I add are personal friends and members of my family exclusively.  This isn't meant as an offense to anyone.  HOWEVER, there are two fan sites here on Multiply (and the people there are really, really nice).  They are probably more up to date with my goings-on than I am (seriously!).  Go ahead and add yourselves there.  I'm also a member of both sites, so I check on them regularly, but I don't maintain them.

That is all!  Okay, I think my laundry is done now... time for me to sleep too.  Good night, and thank you again!

Monday, June 2, 2008

An update on the allergies

My mother called me today to give her regular Nicole report.

The day after that big hive attack the night before I left for LA, the little one was fine during the day.  However, she got a minor attack that evening... and she didn't drink the offending dairy drink.  There must have been something else giving her trouble...

So, since the pediatrician suspected dust and dust mites, my mother dutifully had the rugs and carpets in the rooms Nicole plays and stays in rolled up and put away, just to see what would happen.  No hives!!!  I guess the pediatrician was right too.

Since Nicole didn't initially suffer any allergies with these rugs and carpets, my guess is that enough dust and dirt has accumulated on them to offend her immune system.  So, a regular cleaning will need to be scheduled to keep her play area and sleeping places clean and dust-free.

FOR THOSE IN MANILA: might any of you have information on those Bissell deep cleaning machines, or on a really great rug and carpet cleaning service?  Please PM me any information you may have.  Thanks!