Thursday, May 4, 2006

May 04, 2006 - Pregnancy Blog

Today, Rob and I registered with Stemcord ( to bank Nicole's cord blood... after hearing a lot about stem cell research and the possibilities of what stem cells can do for one's recovery from a blood borne illness, it was something we felt strongly about doing.  Rob has a predisposition for cancer (both his grandfather and uncle passed away from it), so just in case our daughter -- God forbid -- needs stem cells, she'll have her own.  It'll be a 100% match to her body... no chance of rejection.  It's one less thing for us as parents to stress out about.

Speaking of Nicole, there's still no sign of her.  Cervix plug is gone... I see no sign of it now, and still she's not coming out.  According to my doctor, it could mean a few days to a week, or even two.  All bets are off at this point!!!  Until that first contraction, it's anybody's guess.  Oh the waiting game should be fun!

Oh, to those who have singer-friends that have had children, kindly pose this question on my behalf: how long must one wait after giving birth to sing (as in a full concert lasting about 2 hours)?  One teacher of mine said to give myself a couple of months and let nature take its course, as my hormones will be out of whack and my body in recovery.  She herself hasn't had children naturally, but a good friend of hers who is a singer that has given birth to children said to wait. 

That's about all from here... will keep you all posted as to this little one's arrival.

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