Thursday, June 29, 2006

June 28, 2006 - Alaveet...

It was worth last night's sleep deprivation.  Rob had early morning meetings, which meant I had to care for Nicole pretty much solo.  It was totally fine, as my mom was going to be babysitting and I would have a nice day off.  I had lunch with a friend and spent the afternoon in the Greenbelt area (which was marred by my car's bumper getting scratched by another car as my driver was on his way to pick me up).  The day was peaceful... quiet... wonderful.

I enjoy days like this... the brain kind of shuts down... you're surrounded by the rain... and a mysterious, intangible but concrete force melds with you, making you feel nothing but unbridled, unadulterated happiness.  Go figure... a day, like any other day, doing just that for you.  Perhaps it's certain memories and experiences that come flooding back, enveloping you in a deluge of love.

And I just got emo on your ass.  Ha!

But in all seriousness... it's a day that made me feel alive, in spite of getting less than my normal sleep quota.  Or could it be the lack of sleep that's making me feel like this?  Who knows, and who cares... all I know is that I had a fantastic day, and hope for more like it.  Many, many more.

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