Tuesday, June 20, 2006

June 19, 2006 - A much needed pummelling

My reprieve for today came in the form of my long time best girlfriend Steffi, who's been dying to babysit Nicole.  So today she got her opportunity.  I had lots of breast milk in the fridge for her (enough that there are still a few ounces left over, in spite of the baby's humongous appetite).  She came over at noon and promptly got to work.  She sent me off to have a good time and enjoy my day.  And I did.

My destination: Island Spa.  I was a virgin to this particular establishment, but I've heard nothing but good things about this place, so I picked today to satisfy my curiosity and get a long overdue full body massage.

Pros: the massage therapist's hands... a TV in the treatment room

Cons: noise bleeding from other rooms and outside the treatment area... a TV in the treatment room

Okay, I have to commend the massage therapist (I think her name was Mai).  She was a tiny little thing (hmmm... I think she was Nina's size), but with the hand strength of Mighty Thor.  Using a mix of swedish and shiatsu massage techniques, and handfuls of rose oil, she was able to untangle almost every single knot in my back (including those I didn't know existed), stretch my back and legs, relax my head and shoulders... in other words, she made me feel goooooooood.  I was used to strong massages (I needed them on a weekly basis when I was doing Miss Saigon, as that raked stage was murder on my body, particularly my hips and lower back) so I knew what I was in for... I was not disappointed.  I would definitely return... if I could be promised a more quiet treatment room.

In the room across from mine, the volume of the TV was turned up SOOOOOO LOUD!  It was a Korean channel (it sounded like a soccer game was on the air)... and there was a little kid in that room that was a bit too noisy for my taste.  This was supposed to be a space for relaxation, and unfortunately, the sound level sort of marred my experience.  I would have liked a more quiet room.  Sayang... magaling pa naman ang masahista.

Island Spa may be worth another visit, perhaps at a less busy time.

After the spa I made a beeline to Rockwell (with baseball cap and glasses on) in order to get a thank-you gift for my beautiful and sexy babysitter (heh heh heh).  I really appreciate her volunteering to take care of Nicole for the day.  I shall definitely return the favor.  Luce!  My treat!  Bring on the screwdrivers, mwarharharharhar!

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