Saturday, June 10, 2006

June 10, 2006 - The Best for Nicole

Rob and I are now in an ongoing, continuing discussion over what will be best for our daughter.  Part of that discussion includes this question: where are we going to live?

It's inevitable that, thanks to my career and the opportunities available to me, we'll have to return to the States for good (well, for a good long while anyway).  While Nic's still portable and not in school, it's something Rob and I both feel is the best for us to do.  There's an Asian tour of a musical being negotiated as we speak (once things are signed and sealed, I'll talk about it some more... pero hanggang wala pa, this is all I'll say about it), other professional issues that need to be established, taken care of, or resolved, family that we have to spend time with, etc., etc.  For sure, we'll be over there for around a year and a half, and then will return to this neck of the woods for that tour.  I'm hoping the tour pushes through without any hitches... I've never been on tour before and it'll be a fun time for our little family to go around this region before we're tethered to one place to establish our roots, wherever that is.

As for where I think that is, it's here in Manila.  Speaking as someone born and raised here, I would love for Nic to grow up here as well.  The support system for her would be strong, I would be assured of the school system being excellent, and I'd know that her peers would be well brought up and mannered.  Then again, one could always argue that the parents have a strong hand in making sure that happens, but it's far easier when her friends are raised in a similar fashion to how we intend to raise her. 

I don't know... decisions, decisions...

All I know is whatever we decide, at the end of the day, it'll be the best decision for our little girl.  Our lives now revolve around her (as I'm sure every parent's does around their children), and every choice we make will impact her future.  I'm sure that the end choice we make will be the right one.  Well, I hope so anyway.

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