Wednesday, June 21, 2006

June 20, 2006 - Mallrats

Today was the first day Nicole went to the mall.  No, it wasn't a huge deal... we stayed in a relatively unpopulated area.  I had a couple of errands to run, and it was nice that she could come with me.

Before the mall though, I had to visit my doctor.  There were a few post-natal issues and concerns I needed to discuss with her regarding my healing progress.  She held the baby for the first time in a month (Nic's 9 pounds now, a huge difference from when she was born)... my doctor still had the pampatulog ng sanggol touch; Nic was falling asleep in her arms.  Since I was her last patient of the day, I was able to stay longer to chat and hang out before heading to the mall.

As for my progress... everything's looking good.  However, there might be a part of my uterus that isn't healing as quickly as we'd like, so she advised me to take things easy for a few more weeks.  I haven't yet been cleared to perform strenuous activity (exercise, trapeze practice, walking a tightrope, etc.), but anything light is just fine.  In other words, nothing to worry about, but I will be observing things and listening to my body.  I'll just have to use my instincts and intuition as to what I should and shouldn't do.

It would be nice though to get some Tae-Bo or Yoga Booty Ballet going now to enable my body to get into great shape.  I'd love to one day wear a bikini on a Boracay beach and strut my stuff feeling totally confident and proud, with a flat belly, toned arms, great legs and a tight derriere.  Yeah... one day...

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