Thursday, June 1, 2006

June 01, 2006 - Baby Blog

Went to the pediatrician's office today... she's gained nearly a pound in weight and 3/4 of a inch in length.  She got her BCG shot today (man, that little girl can scream bloody murder!!!), and is doing just fine.  The good doctor prescribed a cream for her acne, so hopefully that clears things up soon.  She also had a great bath, loving it when the warm water is splashed on her.  No crying, no complaints.  She just sits in the tub now, with this deadpan expression on her face, as if relaxing in a jacuzzi.  Rob couldn't help but laugh.  Gave him some energy after his very long and tiring day.

She had her passport pictures taken at the mall this afternoon... needless to say, she was fast asleep, which is a shame.  I love seeing her pretty eyes.  Anyway, the one thing that peeved me is the "subject must be wearing a shirt with a collar" rule.  EVEN FOR A NEWBORN???  Thank goodness the baby clothes stores were across from the photo place.  I bought her a little outfit with a collar just for this photo... put it over the clothes she was wearing, and we were all set.  The resulting pictures are hilarious... little Buddha baby, fast asleep.  My little mogwai, in dreamland.

I'm slowly getting the hang of things... there is certainly less of the frustration level that came with our first night at home.  But I'm sure that just as I think I'm getting better at something, another thing will totally take me by surprise.  Hey, that's the adventure we're on!  And so far, we are loving every minute of it.

It IS true... you don't know love until you have a child.  A love that is unconditional, selfless, patient, generous, and true.

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