Friday, June 9, 2006

June 09, 2006 - The Incredible Exploding Baby

Oh man... I wasn't home tonight when this happened to Rob... I was at my sister-in-law's birthday party.  I had a feeling something... eentehresteeng... took place while I was out, thanks to Rob's last text message to me as I was heading home.

It was time for a diaper change, and just as he was fastening the diaper on Nicole, she pooped, messing up the rubber changing mat she was lying on.  So, patiently he started over, removing the mat and got started on cleaning her... and that's when she exploded.  Poop and pee everywhere... EVERYWHERE... on her changing area.  Our main helper came upstairs, responding to the crying I presume was ensuing.  She then saw the mess, and proceeded to clean things up.  Rob bathed Nicole, as she was steeped in her own waste, poor one... by the time I got home, he had things under control.  He had just fed her, and she was falling asleep on his shoulder.  Oh boy... I really felt sorry for him.  I then washed up and got changed quickly to take over so that he could take a shower and get some sleep.

Parenthood.  What a trip.

I'm only glad that he didn't lose his mind as all this was going on.  He is a man of much patience, so I'm sure he'll survive more nights like this when they happen.

When the shit hits the fan, there's only one thing to do: clean up the mess and go on.  Will your day to be a good one, and chances are it will be.  One can't let a little thing like "poop gone awry" ruin an otherwise beautiful life.

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