Tuesday, June 13, 2006

June 13, 2006 - Welcome to Avenue Q!

This is definitely one of my favorite shows on Broadway today.  I remember watching it a couple of years ago and nearly peeing in my pants from laughing so hard.  The only other show that's done that to me is Spamalot, which I watched a year later.

This is the one show I would dub "Sesame Street on Crack".  It's definitely not one you'd want to take your kids to, in spite of the loveable looking puppets.  I couldn't help but let out the loudest guffaw when I watched the two lead puppets having full-on sex on stage... and LOUD.

Here are the titles of the songs that either titillate me, make me think or make me laugh.  I listen to the cast recording often, and it puts me in the best mood ever:

The Internet is for Porn (never was masturbation so glorified!)
Loud As The Hell You Want (the background music to the all-out puppet sex)
Mix Tape (only because A Whole New World got a mention, which gave me a minor thrill)
Schadenfreude (a German word meaning "happiness at the misfortune of others".  Yeah, that IS German!)
There's A Fine, Fine Line (I couldn't wish for a better breakup song.  One sample lyric: There's a fine, fine line between what you wanted and what you got.  Want more?)
The More You Ruv Someone (the more you want to kill them.  Oh how true...)
For Now (everything in life is only for now.  Yes, it is.)

If you have a copy and haven't listened to it yet, YOU MUST!!!  Let's see if you don't find yourself having a great belly laugh.  Mapapaihi ka sa katatawa.

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