Sunday, June 4, 2006

June 04, 2006 - No Cabin Fever

Two nights ago, I allowed myself a rare night out from home and baby to spend with my friends.  It had been such a long while since I was out alone.  Thank goodness Rob said to make a night of it, and to not worry about him and Nicole while I was out.  I've seen his paternal skills, so I was very confident that nothing untoward would happen in my absence.  So out I went (facing monumental I-want-to-pull-my-hair-out traffic from Alabang to Makati).  And a wonderfully perfect night it was.

I went to see a play, DOUBT, written by John Patrick Shanley.  It was a play that I had seen in New York (with the incomparable Cherry Jones as Sister Aloysius), so with great anticipation I headed to RCBC.  I arrived, energized after a trip to dreamland, prepared to see the show (and cheer on Chari and her stellar cast led by the inimitable Cherie Gil).  I was not disappointed, and marvelled at how wonderful this group of actors was in taking on this material.  All I'll say is that you MUST go see it at the Carlos P. Romulo Theater, RCBC.  Pay a visit to a wonderful restaurant on the 3rd floor called Piquant while you're at it.  Healthy food, great price.  The Indian Spiced Chicken and their Tandoori Chicken, as well as their Chili-Ancho Pasta are my favorites.  Oh who am I kidding... I love everything on the menu!

After hanging out with friends post-show (and grabbing a plate of pasta with pesto sauce), I headed to Pipeline Studios to watch The Dawn rehearse for a bit.  It was certainly a treat to sit in a little room a few feet away from goodest friend and lead vocalist Jett and cohorts Junboy, Buddy and Kiko, watching them all do what they do best.  It was also cool to engage in mommyhood conversation with Beth (Jett's better half), Gina (drummer Junboy's better half) and one of Beth's colleagues from Microsoft... conversation I was also having with Menchu after watching Doubt.  I never thought I'd actually find myself indulging in mommy talk.  I LOVE IT!!!

I headed home feeling refreshed and renewed after spending the night out with people special to me... it was fantastic to remind myself of how wonderful it is being in their light, and how I need to do that more often.  Once Nicole is less fragile, it'll be easier to have my "ME" time... time away that is necessary and warming.  Like a hot bowl of cream of mushroom soup.  Yum.

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