Sunday, June 25, 2006

June 24, 2006 - What Is The Story...

I blame this one on Bobby!



1. Of your name?
- I'm named after my maternal grandparents, Leo and Carmen.  The Maria is arbitrary.

2. Of your parents?
- I'm not exactly sure!  I think my father saw my mother playing bowling, but I don't have a time line of any kind.

3. Of your last bday?
- LUCE LUCE LUCE!!!  Lots of friends, pata, calamari and alcohol.  Unfortunately I couldn't have the alcohol, but I vow to make up for lost time! 

4. Of your first love?
- Passionate and hot... but very, very wrong.

5. Of your room?
- It's now Baby Central: a bassinet, crib and rocking chair.  As for the rest of the stuff in there, just your normal, average bedroom furniture: a bed (with a fantastic pillowtop mattress), TV (I'm holed up for hours at a time, the TV'd better be in here), dresser, side tables and lamps, armchairs, a small fridge for storing snacks and breast milk.  Of course... my laptop and a printer, wireless router and cable modem.

6. Of last Christmas?
- Honolulu with my husband's family.  It was the first time I wore a bikini to the beach.  Naglakas loob si buntis!

7. Of last Valentines day?
- I spent it with Rob and my mother (his idea to invite her... que sweet).  We went to a fabulous restaurant called Red, and ate a wonderful meal.  I can't remember what I had... I think it was beef.

8. Of your current clothes?
- I can wear most of my pre-pregnancy jeans and pants, but not the shirts (boobs too big from breastfeeding).  I just bought a whole set of breastfeeding blouses and shirts from Mommy Matters (, and I also steal my husband's t-shirts for sleeping when I've run out of nightshirts.

9. Of the 1st time u saw your crush?
- Dedma... I don't remember feeling anything special.

10. Of you and your best friend/s?
- I have good, good friends everywhere I go, all of whom are special to me.  Each has a story, and it would take up way too much space for me to write each one down!  Suffice to say, many of these friends share a love for theater, be it as those caught in a story as members of an audience or as colleagues when putting up a show.  Some of us are also mates in mischief, bwahahahahaha!

11. Of the last place you went to?
- For work: The Bellevue Hotel for an interview... for fun: Luce for Jett's birthday... for food: Piquant (healthy but absolutely delicious).

12. Of the last time you cried
- Haaaaaaay, I'd rather not think about it. 

13. Of your greatest achievement so far?
- Maintaining a sense of joy, peace and humor with just about everything.  Life's just way too short to wallow in negativity. 

14. The last movie you watched?
- I haven't watched a movie in a while, so I can't even remember what the last one was.  Pathetic!!!

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