Saturday, July 1, 2006

July 01, 2006 - Let 'em eat cake!

It's been a relatively uneventful day... took Nicole to the pediatrician to check on her diaper rash, one that I was somewhat worried about.  Even though I read up on this on the internet and got other bits of advice, I still felt it was something to not dismiss.  Sure enough, it was a fungus causing my baby's discomfort, so he prescribed an anti-fungal cream and a concoction called Castillani paint, something available only at Makati Med.  She's now sleeping soundly, wearing a loosely pinned cloth diaper, her father snoring contentedly by her bassinet (he's actually drowning out the TV).  Poor guy's had a long day and way too much beer.

Tonight, for some strange reason, I was craving cake... a rich, dense, heavy chocolate cake.

As with all things, there's cake, and then there's caaaaaaaaake.  Some look good, but taste like cardboard... some don't look so hot, but each bite is delicious... and some are just perfect in every way, from how it hits the eye to how it hits the mouth... from the frosting to its innermost filling.  One bite of a cake like that sends me straight to heaven... I am then unable to speak.

For me, one slice... just one, good-sized slice of perfection... would be more than enough to make me happy, rather than have one whole mediocre confection.  Each bite of that pastry would be savored, taken time with and remembered.  I would choose the right beverage with which to wash it down (sometimes a good coffee, at other times warm or ice cold milk), and end the experience feeling completely and utterly satiated.

I sometimes find myself in a pastry shop to discover that there's only one slice of my cake left... the rest had already been served up to other customers.  Drat, and on a day that I wanted more, too!  That's okay... I'll take whatever's available, knowing there will always be more some other time.  And if my luck is good, I may be able to take the whole cake home.

Bring on the warm milk.

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XXXX YYYY said... I want a slice of Claim Jumper's Chocolate Motherlode Cake.