Friday, July 21, 2006

July 20, 2006 - Going up and down

I love roller coasters.

There was one evening in Los Angeles where a bunch of us from Flower Drum Song reunited to head to Knott's Berry Farm for Halloween (it's then known as Knott's Scary Farm). Hobgoblins, monsters and freaks of all kinds hide in the shadows ready and waiting to pounce on any unsuspecting passer-by, wanting to elicit a scream or three. A friend of ours was doing a show in the park, so we headed there to support her.

Before and after the show (and while being jumped at by the scary creatures of the night), we all headed onto our favorite attractions: roller coasters and turny-twisty rides of all kinds.  Not everyone went on the scary rides... I had to opt out of one drop ride after eating a funnel cake and going on a coaster that ran backwards.  Ugh, not a good combo.

Each ride on a coaster sends me on a trip... the slow uphill climb... the lightning-fast initial dive... twists... turns... loops... more dives... more climbs... until finally, the car settles in slowly and comes to a complete stop.  It's certainly not for everyone and can be intimidating, but when you're on, it's a ride like no other.

The twists and turns... the rises and falls... it can all be as scary as hell.  However, it's a ride that gets my pulse racing, my heart beating and my mind going mad.  Exhilirating, frightening, fantastic.

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