Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Never Let 'Em See You Sweat

Over the weekend we watched The Dawn movie Tulad ng Dati at
the CCP amidst many of the band's fans, family and friends.  Needless
to say, a good time was had by all... there was abundant cheering as
well as sobbing (most especially by the loved ones of one of The Dawn's
founding members, Teddy Diaz).

Although throughout the film there were many magical moments, there was
one that really, really stuck with me.  Near the end of the movie,
there is a duel between the two lead bands, The Dawn and Ratbunitata
(now I wonder who the heck Tata might be, heh heh heh).  The duel
culminates with a head-to-head guitar battle between Ratty and Francis,
the bands' guitarists.  Ratty is all flourish and bravado (at one point
"masturbating" his guitar's fretboard), while Francis is quiet
strength, his face showing barely any anguish or difficulty while his
fingers jump in a frenzy on those guitar strings.  Of course, he wins
in the end.  (His acting was actually pretty good, too.)

I just have a great admiration and respect for those that are able to
keep their cool and calm despite the craziness going on around them.  I
deem hissy fits to be quite unnecessary, and only shows a weakness in
character (you only have one when you're losing control).  It's far
cooler to, even under duress, maintain grace and a smile through it all.

Just goes to show... when you're in your peaceful place, you could be
in the middle of a hurricane and it would still be a beautiful day.  Yeba.


Raffy Francisco said...

Glad you enjoyed that moment in the film!!! I have to credit Francis for playing awesome guitars during my guitar solos... Great company to be with... Not bad for my first full length role :) What an experience!

This movie is very significant to me. Mike's a real good friend of mine and the band is my absolute pinoy favorite and have become really great friends who have supported my creative endeavors.

I hope some talent manager would take notice of my acting potential (hahaha). The world needs more villains! And I do want to kick some acting butt out there. Pour my heart and be in the moment. And while I'm in a wishing mode, I wish Ratbunitata gets signed up for a record deal. Looking forward to commercial endorsements... Life imitates art! :)


anyway here's a link to "Tulad ng Dati" the MTV:

In this video, Francis gets suspended in mid-air thanks to the Philippines' first ever bullet-time video

Lea Salonga said...

Hey there, Ratty! A, este, Raffy! More villains, yes please!

I was already familiar with your directorial work (I first saw the TND video last year) when I met you, and was also impressed with your on-screen work! Hopefully you do more of both in the years to come. You're pretty good!

francis reyes said...

bullet day i will giant you all! ;)

Lea Salonga said...

Oh my goodness, why? Ikaw nga ang star ng blog ko ngayon, mwhrhrhrhrhrhrhr!