Monday, July 3, 2006

Old blog entries... here's #1 from Blogger

I've decided to move my Blogger blog here to Multiply... unfortunately, Multiply couldn't import all my past entries, so I'll have to add them one by one. No problem, there isn't much to copy and paste.

Enjoy reading!

Lea =)


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

First posting... ah, it's been a while

Wow, I'm blogging!!!

the blog of one of my close friends, I figured to start one of my
own... I did have some sort of "random spoutings from my brain" thing
at an old website of mine, but didn't pick it up for a while. And now,
thanks to the advances in technology (and my friend's blog being
inspiration for me doing this), here I am... blogging. So... what will
my first blog be about? Since I did name it "Random... 'La Lang", I'll
have to keep it... random. Wala lang talaga. It's so hot!!! The weather
here in Manila has been... close to unbearable. The pool in the
backyard has been my friend, as well as a source of some much needed
exercise. What they say is true: once you turn 30, your figure just
goes downhill. My husband and I watched an old video of mine, taken in
1999-2000, and I couldn't believe the figure I used to (USED TO!!!)
have. As in, ANO BA YAN??? So I'm trying to do right by my body... I
just have to not eat like Rob, whose metabolism is quite incredible...
can eat mountains of rice and still look good. I hate that.

night was a major sibling reunion... I had dinner with Gerard, Jeff (or
Gie as he's more known to his fans and friends) and Philip at a nearby
restaurant then adjourned to the house for conversation. I hadn't seen
Jeff for... yikes... over 15 years, and what a difference the time
makes. He's come into his own fabulousness which is wonderful. It's
brave too, to be your own person, never mind what anyone else thinks.
He's a stand-up comedian who sings (and quite well)... I'm not sure at
which clubs he performs at and on what nights, but I've vowed to catch
a show.

Yeah, it's not just Gerard that I can count as my
brother, or sibling. We're 9 all in all, officially (different mothers,
same father). Weird, no? I'll be the first to admit, meeting everyone,
one by one, was uncomfortable at times, but once you get over the
initial hump, it gets easier. It was funny, not too long ago one of the
major networks decided this was big news, that I had a younger
half-brother. Sorry, Pare, lumang balita na yan sa amin. Huwag niyo
kaming pag-aawayin, magkakapatid kami.

As I said... officially.
My older brother though said that, "we won't really know how many we
are until the funeral." So, malay natin kung ilan talaga kaming

Okay, it's hot... I have to hit the pool now.
Summer in the Philippines... I'll never complain about New York winters
ever again!


XXXX YYYY said...

kaya yan sa blogger!!! minsan lang nageerror, you just have to keep trying!!!

Lea Salonga said...

I was able to import most of the entries, except for the earliest ones. Ayos lang... konti lang naman eh.

carol w v said...

lea watch brothers & sisters on ABC Sundays after deparate housewives