Friday, July 21, 2006

La Leche League International: Breastfeeding Information and Support
Now this is one website I couldn't have breastfed without... check this out!

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bing ♥ said...

I breastfed my baby for 18 months (I was a full-time mom that time). No cow's milk at all! But I had to swab my nipples with iron liquid supplement (yes, those bitter multivitamins!) just to take him off from breastfeeding. Oh, I couldn't forget the frown in his face. Then I became a med-rep for Anmum and I was able to gather 300 expectant/breastfeeding moms for my breastfeeding convention in Bicol.

I hope every mom (new or old) would give this gift to their children even for just a few weeks. It's sad that there is a misconception or pure alibis on their part that "they are not producing milk". It's pure logical physiological explanation...the mammary glands will continue to produce milk as long as there is sucking stimulus to it...if they abort breastfeeding right away, then milk production would wane eventually. Then they get away their alibis. Poor babies.