Wednesday, July 12, 2006

July 12, 2006 - Eye of the storm

The above photo is a real time infrared image of this typhoon over the Philippines.  Cool, huh?

Today was the stormiest day I had seen in a while.  I was actually thankful to be indoors in the safety of my bedroom with Nicole for company.  She's a wonderfully calm baby, usually content to lie on the bed, crib, or bassinet... even with the TV on or moderately volumed conversation, she falls right to sleep.  However, on this gray and stormy afternoon, she much preferred to be held close.  So that's what I did... kept her in my arms as I was on the phone, surfing the net, sending text messages or watching TV.  I couldn't put her down for more than a few minutes... she'd start fussing once she realized she was not in my arms.  In the midst of the gray, windy, rainy afternoon was a safety zone in my arms for my little girl.

Strange, but my mood finds itself lifted and invigorated by a day like this... in spite of the rain falling (oftentimes sideways) and the winds blowing to an almost tornado-like intensity, I find I've formed a wide smile and taken on a relaxed mien.  It's weather that commands staying in bed for a nice long cuddle (the longer the better)... for daydreaming... for sleeping... for whatever.  Wonderful.

Yeah, we can choose to see the gray day as a mood downer, or choose to see it as this: a temporary veil through which the sun will shine eventually.  Behind the storm there is sanctuary.  It's peaceful just knowing it's there.

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