Saturday, July 22, 2006

July 22, 2006 - The OC

To some of my friends I'm known as OC (obsessive-compulsive).  No, not to the degree of washing my hands a bazillion times a day and wanting to always check the stove before I leave the house.  I'm just very detail-oriented to the point that even I am irritated by it.  Lyric sheets have to be a certain font, font size, style and format down to the margin and space between lines... the toilet paper has to roll in a particular direction (I've actually changed TP in most every bathroom I stop in)... I'm a spelling and grammar freak, obssessing over every word and punctuation mark in all that I write and read... and items on a desk need to be oriented and arranged exactly right, hind puwedeng magulo. 

Having said that... there are things I readily let go of.  My bed can remain unmade for days... the cables on the floor look like a million snakes intertwined... my files are a mess and I'm disorganized as far as my documents are concerned.  Ha, maybe I'm not as OC as I thought.

I guess sometimes, I tend to focus on the details... of a document, a conversation, a situation, a circumstance... losing sight of the bigger picture.  I have to tell myself to step back and gain perspective, as well as a new appreciation for what I see. 

Just like looking at a Monet... up close, it's a mess of paint, but from the right distance, it's a thing of beauty.

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