Saturday, July 15, 2006

July 15, 2006 - Awwwwwwwww.......

My mom took this photo not too long ago of me and Nicole... that mouth never fails to make me smile.

My big girl has now officially moved from the bassinet to the crib... she got too heavy to carry out of there.  I also tweaked my shoulder in bed a couple of days ago (must have found myself stuck in a not-so-good position), adding to the difficulty. 

She's growing so quickly... she was so tiny when we brought her home from the hospital 2 months ago... when we put her in her bassinet she was swimming in it, and now she barely fits.  She's put on a healthy amount of weight and gained a few inches in length (never underestimate the power of the breast).  She has also started to imitate us... we stick out our tongues, she copies the action.  Someone talks to her, she responds (at least we think so).  She doesn't cry as much as she used to, saving her tears for when she's hungry or feeling neglected.

Pretty soon she'll be doing more complex imitated motions like "beautiful eyes," "close-open," "eat bulaga" and others... eating solid foods in a high chair... learning baby sign language (they have classes here every first Saturday of the month)... crawling... singing simple songs... it's all happening so quickly!  I can just imagine myself at her graduation, happily crying from being so proud.  

Parenthood... yes, it truly rocks!

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