Friday, April 28, 2006

April 28, 2006 - Pregnancy Blog

Yes, I'm feeling much better now.

Now the nesting instinct has gotten a bit more pronounced.  I took the playpen out of the box and put it together today, after an overwhelming desire to do so.  The box was calling out to me, so I heeded the call and went for it.  Thankfully it wasn't at all difficult to set up, and the great part is, it's portable!  I can bring it to Abu's house (Abu is the Grandma namesake my mother has chosen to name herself, short for Abuelita) when we come visit and the baby needs to nap.  Ideally though, she should have one at her house.  I have a feeling she'll take care of that on her own.

Nothing much going on over here...

The baby blanket is nearly 3/4 done.  This is probably the largest knitted piece I've ever made, and one made with a lot of love for this little being.  I'm also planning to knit another for one of Rob's cousins who just found out that she's pregnant, due in September.  However, if I find that I will have no free time once this baby arrives, I might not be able to.  I'll play this one by ear.

Nearly time to settle in... I think I'll knit again, whilst listening to Paul Anka's album "Rock Swings".  Excellent, excellent!!!  He's coming to Manila in May... sadly I won't be able to see the show, lest I risk my water breaking in mid-song.

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