Sunday, April 2, 2006

April 02, 2006 - Pregnancy Blog 2

Yup, the waddling has officially begun. Image

Rob and I did our grocery shopping today, and my arches were falling flat in my flip-flops.  I shuffled through the store instead of walked, and used the cart the way a toddler would negotiate a walker.  Ay caramba!  My feet felt totally fine when I walked in the store, but were totalled by the time we left.  I try to see the good side of all this, that I got myself some exercise and did my weekend errands.  Thank goodness it wasn't that hot a day.  Man, I need a foot massage... I want one... right now...

It does bring a smile to my face when my belly starts to move, and I realize that this effort is worthwhile.  I also realize that there are moms out there who have it worse off than I do, so I shouldn't complain.  Life is, on the whole, very very good, and I for one am not going to begrudge this gift.

My due date is May 19... let's see if she comes out early or right on time.

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