Thursday, April 27, 2006

April 27, 2006 - Pregnancy Blog

I am not having a good night.

My day went quite well... had a nice, relatively healthy lunch with Rob and was at his office for most of the afternoon (I sang for the composer of Les Miz and Miss Saigon today, in the hope that I'll get cast in the Broadway revival of Les Miz which starts its run late this year... I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed), after which we went to dinner at the friend's home in Magallanes to celebrate his birthday.  It was a wonderful dinner where we saw old friends and played a round of Texas Hold'em.

Here's where my night went bad.  And it's going to sound monumentally silly.

I left something at his house.

Yes, it reads as trivial and insignificant, but not to me.  For my whole pregnancy I've experienced episodes of temporary stupidity... extreme absentmindedness... pregnancy-induced Alzheimer's.  For the last 8 months or so, my brain has decided to hiccup and sputter, and I hate it when that happens.  When I got home, I lay on the bed and cried.  My husband did tell me that there wasn't any use to crying and getting myself worked up over this, but HE'S NOT PREGNANT, HE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND!

I can take the physical discomfort and have actually gotten used to it; I don't like it when my brain decides to go on vacation without notifying me.  I hate it when I feel like I have no control over my brain, like I'm about to lose my mind.  It's extremely frustrating, and I hate feeling stupid.  For the first time in my life, I actually feel like an complete idiot.

This baby needs to be born soon, so that I can get my brain back.

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