Saturday, April 15, 2006

35 weeks and counting...

35 weeks... I've been pregnant for 35 weeks. She could appear anytime between 37 and 40, which really isn't that far away from now. We really should get our asses in gear and get ready.

I honestly don't know that we'll ever be totally and completely ready... if we'll have the patience for the round-the-clock feedings... to train her to sleep through the night... toilet training... school homework... shuttling to and from activities (dance class, piano lessons, sports, etc.)... boyfriends...

Parental patience. That's something we'll have to figure out, I guess.

Thank goodness I have friends who have been at the parenting game for a long time, far longer than we certainly have. We've seen examples of wonderful parenting, after which we'd like to pattern our own style.

Perhaps no soon-to-be parent is truly prepared for what's to arrive... I only have to trust God at this point, that He enabled us to be parents for a reason. I just only hope and pray that we don't disappoint Him, and that the mission He has set forth for this little one will come to fruition.

We're not ready. Then again, maybe we're more ready than we'll ever be.

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