Wednesday, November 29, 2006

November 29, 2006 - Waxing Philosophical

Just more random thoughts...

... I believe that we meet the people we meet when we're ready for them.  Until then, our paths don't cross at all, or if they do, it's just in a very tangential way.  Only when we're absolutely ready for them do these new people appear. 

... Everything we do, everyone one we meet, everything we experience prepares us for whatever next steps are in store in the future.  The present doesn't always reveal what the future brings, so we don't always know what we're being readied for.  However, I trust that we are.

... Whoever enters our lives (and whoever's lives we enter) is there for a reason.  It isn't always apparent what that reason is, or for how long that person will be with us.  God, in His infinite wisdom, does not create accidents.  Everything and everyone has a deliberate and specific purpose.

... Death is sort of like a graduation diploma, given only to those that have completed their missions and curricula on earth.

... And where does free will come into play?  I believe that we're given this gift to choose good.

That's all my brain could spit out... for now.

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