Sunday, November 12, 2006

Musika Natin

Last night, I was treated to something that stirred my soul and perked my ears. 

At the Captain's Bar of the Mandarin Oriental was the album launching
for Ugnayan, a CD of the music of Filipino jazz master Angel Matias
Peña.  The Global Studio Orchestra (rather, select members of it) plus
guests Tots Tolentino, Roger Llado, Simon Tan, Cesar Aguas and Michael
Guevara under the baton of Gerard Salonga treated the audience to an
evening of pure Filipino jazz.  It was an amazing night of music!  I'm
not a huge jazz connoisseur, but to have been in the middle of all that
music was just incredible, and I was held in rapt attention from
beginning to end.  I sat at the 2nd floor balcony, looking almost
directly down at the musicians... definitely the best seat in the
house.  After Cesar's guitar solo, I stood up on my feet, screaming
scandalously.  He blew me a kiss.  That was my kilig moment of the night.

In all seriousness though, I hold nothing but the highest regard for
Gerard and his musical mission: to record and preserve as much of our
Filipino music as we can. 

Musika Natin is a series of CDs highlighting different composers.  The
first one was Lucio San Pedro, called Lahing Kayumanggi.  Maestro
Peña's is the second.  More in the series are planned, including
orchestrated Pinoy Rock.  Now this I gotta hear.

For more information on this series, visit  And do
buy the CDs when you chance upon them.  This is our musical history
being preserved.  There's more to OPM than just the pop we hear on the
radio.  This is seriously good stuff, and highly recommended.


Liene H said...

Thanks for this info Lea! I am a Filipina based in the US for the last 16 yrs and I've never lost my appreciation for our very own music. One of my favorite Filipino artists is Joe Ayala. I will definitely look for this CD! Mabuhay :)

sees pop said...

I am sorry to have missed Gerard last night. Jay and I would have wanted to go, but couldn't at the last minute because family dropped by. Thanks for inviting us though, and congratulations to Gerard. He is truly an amazing conductor! By the way, would have been fun to see you screaming scandalously...he, he, he. :-D

Trish Castro said...

Ooooh...I can't wait for the Pinoy Rock series! I heard Mr. C's orchestration of Parokya ni Edgar's "Mr. Suave" some two years ago, and it was indeed a fresh rendition considering that you'd be hearing the song piped in wherever you go during that time. :) Do tell us as soon as it will be out in stores, and I'll be first in line. Congratulations to Mr. Gerard -- talented, really talented.

tin samson said...

thanks for the info :) definitely interesting.
looking forward to you judging on phil. idol next week :)
and too bad i'm missing the monique lhuillier fashion show now :(

oh, last thing hehe... i love your new multiply theme. very christmas-y.

Karen and Debashis Garrido-Nag said...

This is really good information. Thanks!!!!

Li'l Dove Feather said...

I love Lucio's (and Levi Celerio's) Ugoy ng Duyan! One of my faves!

Luningning San Jose said...

Hi Lea, at last! After reading your blogs last week and then hearing you last sunday at the taping for MYX, grabeeehhhhh! First, thanks for the wonderful pictures of everything important in your life and basically your life story, it goes beyond the hellos, and of course, for acknowledging and promoting Musika Natins UGNAYAN and LAHING KAYUMANGGI, THANK YOU! Indeed! You and Gerard are blessed with the best of musical talents and partnered with intelligence makes them soar more, that's the standard of excellence. Congratulations on everything that's going on with your life and may God continue to use you as you inspire a lot of our kababayans here and abroad.