Sunday, November 5, 2006

November 05, 2006 - Soulmates

There are days when I find myself at a lunch or dinner table, laughing ever so loudly (and sometimes intoxicatedly) with some of my best friends.  We talk about anything and everything, filling the time with stories about trips and shows, how other friends are doing, how great the food tastes or how wonderfully tasty this new drink happens to be.  There are also other days when almost nothing is said, because the other person's presence is more than enough conversation.

Times of noise... of quiet... of laughter... of tears... of shared triumphs... of encouragement... of sympathy... of love.  I share these with the people I love... my kindred spirits... my soulmates.  Yes, I have been blessed with quite a few.

I don't believe that the heavens above give you just one.  Napakadamot naman ng Diyos kung ganoon!  I'd like to think that we have many, each serving a different purpose, fulfilling a different need, and whose purposes we also serve and needs we also fill.  With them, life is filled with laughter and inspiration, much encouragement and happiness.  We hold hands in triumph and tragedy, wipe each others' tears, almost instinctively know when another is in need of a listening ear or a word of advice, and can feel when company is required.  We're tuned into one another so well, and our hearts just know what the other needs.  Even if that person needs nothing, we all overflowingly provide it.

In their company I am my most basic self, and only they are able to bring that out.  I can only hope I do the same.

To all my loves, I thank you for your presence in my life.  Love ya all to bits, I do!

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Malu Silverman y Cabrido said...

I so agree with you about soul mates. Some may come and go but they were in our lives for a purpose.