Wednesday, November 29, 2006

November 29, 2006 - Ano ba yan?!?

On the album front, 9 songs down, only 3 to go.  Gerard just needs to record the orchestra first though before I can go in and do my thing.  But, by January we should have a brand-spanking new album in the record stores for your listening pleasure.  There's a lot of love that went into it, and hopefully it shows.


Last Monday, as we are wont to do, Rob and I had lunch at the Japanese restaurant by his office.  Almost everyday we get together for the midday repast, just to break up the day (we're both busy people, and exhausted ones by day's end).  When we entered only one other table was taken.  Two gentlemen were seated, seemingly waiting for their order.  We sat at a table far enough away from theirs, but not too far to miss the action that would follow.

As we were poring through the menu, we heard shouting coming from the gentlemen's table.  The heavy, bespectacled one was shouting at the owner, claiming that his order was too salty, that he sent it back for improvements, and it turned out the same.  He was hurling expletives, shouting at the top of his lungs, whilst the poor owner just took it all in stride.  Rob and I couldn't help but watch and listen to what was happening.  Finally, the two left the restaurant.  I was flustered enough as well as distracted that it was hard to concentrate on what I wanted to eat.

I have only this to say: there is absolutely no excuse for bad behavior. 

Yes, I know, the customer is always right, but there are better ways to express one's dissatisfaction.  It isn't necessary to hurl "fuck you's" to get your point across.  Didn't anyone teach this guy manners?

Sa totoo lang, nakakainis ang mga taong ganyan, parang walang pinag-aralan.  Kung sumigaw parang may-ari ng mundo.

Unfortunately, we all have to deal with such individuals at one point or another, people who will royally piss us off.  I'd like to think that when the time comes for me to have to come face to face with an asshole like that, that I would react in a  classy way.  I vow to never sink down to the level of dirt.  May pinag-aralan ako.  Yun lang.

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