Saturday, November 18, 2006

November 18, 2006 - Lazy Saturday...

A Nic update: she's doing just fine, behaving normally.  Now it's just her right ear that's irritating her, which isn't anything new.  It's just earwax, and we're giving her drops that take it all out.

I'm now enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon at my mother's house.  Because I'll be judging Philippine Idol tomorrow and Monday, I thought it best to just hang here until my stint is done.  The studio is at SM Megamall, and my mom's house is only a stone's throw away.  Nicole is here as well, spending some quality and quantity time with her Abu.  My mom truly relishes this new role of grandmother, something that my father says she's been looking forward to for a long time.

Right now, as the mag-lola are in the den, I'm sitting in front of the computer eating Fiddle Faddle (Butter Toffee... yummmm!), surfing the net, checking email, updating banking information, and just lazing around.  As blessed as I consider myself to be that work has been coming in as much as it has, it's also great when I have a day to just lay down and do absolutely nothing.  As in, nothing.  That, in its own way, is a blessing too.

But for now, it's nice work when you can get it.  And I'm happy that I'm still getting it, and getting it gooooood.

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