Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Four RP Schools Among the Top 500 Universities in the World

I copied this off of another friend's blog.

I now hang my head in shame... WE WERE BEATEN BY THE LASALLITES, IN ACADEMICS!!!


Four schools in the Philippines are among the Top 500 Universities in the World.
The research and study was undertaken by Times Higher Education Supplement-
Quacquarelli Symonds (THES-QS) World University Rankings.

The top 500 universities were chosen from among 15,000 educational institutions
worldwide. To be part of this elite list of universities, the institution has to meet
several stringent criteria, including faculty-to-student ratios and ratings given by
more than 3,000 academicians & 700 leading international employment recruiters.
The University of the Philippines (UP) was the highest ranked local
school with a global ranking of 299 and 47th among Asian universities. Behind
UP in the list are three private universities:

De La Salle (392nd),
Ateneo de Manila (484th), and the
University of Santo Tomas at 500th.

Meanwhile, the top 20 leading universities in the world are the following:
Harvard (1st), Cambridge (2nd), Oxford (3rd), Massachusetts Institute of
Technology and Yale (tying for 4th), Stanford (6th), California Institute of
Technology (7th), University of California in Berkeley (8th), Imperial
College London (9th), Princeton (10th), University of Chicago (11th),
Columbia (12th), Duke (13th), Beijing University (14th), Cornell (15th),
Australian National University (16th), London School of Economics (17th),
Ecole Normale Superieure (18th), National University of Singapore and
Tokyo University (tying for 19th).

Many of the top universities are American and British, but there are
sprinkles of representation from Australia, France, China, Singapore
and Japan. Most of the leading American universities are private; in
fact, on that top 20 list, the University of California Berkeley is the only
American public institution.

Among the leading Asia-Pacific universities on the THES-QS list of the
world's 500 leading universities, 90 are from Asia. Japan leads with 28,
followed by China (including Hong Kong) with 16, Taiwan with 8, South
Korea and Thailand with 7 each, Malaysia, Indonesia & the Philippines
with 4 each, Australia with 3, Singapore with 2 and Bangladesh with one.


Soleil NYC said...

I KNOW!!! Why must Tita bring such misery into our lives? :) I was in such ignorant bliss.. but at least I can console myself with the idea that I went to Zobel, and that's..um..kinda like DLSU too, right? Um..
How unsettling, though, to find that among the top 20, around half are in the US.

sees pop said...

I refuse to believe this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HRUMPH! Animo Ateneo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abi Simon said...

yipee!! UP pa rin! But La Salle to beat Ateneo????????? Unbelievable! Is this THES-QS credible??

JD Villanueva said...

push on u.p.!!!!!

Gabe Mercado said...

What is this La Salle you speak of?

Soleil NYC said...

Ghabve don't provoke me! :)

Doris B said...

ateneo of course has an 'official' response to that. check out this link, if you're interested: http://www.ateneo.edu/index.php?p=120&type=2&sec=31&aid=2989.

im still proud to be an atenean. =)

Trish Castro said...

Don't worry about the rankings because they are based on a quantitative critieria. Let's not talk about numbers, but rather, let's talk about quality, shall we? :)

jude quiroz said...

yah..i read it already...kinda dissappointing somehow

melanie villafranca said...

Im from UST, and Im happy that our school is in the top 500 (yippee...) at pang 500 lan talaga... :) pero between ateneo and lasalle mas gusto ko ang ateneo hehehe... ;)

Li'l Dove Feather said...

It's sad that not one even made it to Top 100. Perhaps, once the country progresses ("when" is more like it), we'll finally get there. It's even a wonder a public school like U.P. made it to the list considering how the government has neglected education for decades...I think what we all should try is to get more schools included in it...

Andrew de Castro said...

Hi. Saw your link, and was about to post the link to the official response of Ateneo but apparently, someone already posted it. Basically it says, no matter how fine your car engine is, and how aerodynamic your chasis is, if you're driver is dumb, it will crash and burn. Ateneo has historically done "bad" in University Rankings. There used to be an Asiaweek ranking of Asian universities, and it ran for 3 years i think. There was a lot of controversy involved as many believed that the criteria was not reflective of the true capabilities of the schools. It had points for internet bandwidth, but none for number of philosophy units in the core curriculum etc. I personally had an email reacting to it published in the next Asiaweek issue. Needless to say, the year it ranked DLSU ahead of Ateneo was the last year of the survey's existence, and soon after Asiaweek closed shop.

No one messes with the Ateneo. haha.

Lesley Anne said...

oh my gosh. that can't be possible. i just refuse to believe. did you even take the entrance exam in la salle? waaaaaaah! it was a joke! ok, so i'm atenean but still =P hehehe!

peace! =D

Lea Salonga said...

In all likelihood the survey is very heavily biased to favor the American schools. As for La Salle's ranking higher, it's based on the criteria of the survey and not on the achievements of its alumni. I'd like to think the true indication of how great a school is, is how the graduates fare.

Soleil NYC said...

You're right about the bias-- One of the criteria was "number of international postgrad/grad students". Already this would have to discount most of the developing world. For students from developing countries, studying abroad is an enormous financial hardship, whereas for students from the US for example are on equal footing with the other "Top 20" schools.. studying in France isn't as much of a stretch for students from American colleges as it is for students from China or the Phils.

Trish Castro said...

Precisely! There are actually education-related researches that press on the idea that the mark of a good school is their graduates. :)

chow angel said...

hi lea, im new in here and hope you dont mind me adding on your friends list. im one of your millions of fans, im here in california and i found this site and here i am. by the way your baby is so adorable.. thanks in advance.

MiCheLLe . said...

Since the owner of this Multiply site is an Atenean, I am keeping my mouth shut!
... (*whispers* Animo La Salle!) teehee!

Lea, I was surprised to see this Friendster profile, for Lea Salonga fans, you might wanna check it out: http://www.friendster.com/16646255


Linnor Rapes said...

I'm just glad both DLSU and ADMU are in the list.

Linnor (DLSU alumna)

Nette Paras said...

go UP! :)

Roxanne Gutierrez said...

UP fight! hahaha

Early Sol Gadong said...

just wondering... i know that up, la salle and ateneo all have a number of autonomous units (e.g. UP Visayas/Manila/UP Diliman, De La Salle Benilde/Main, Ateneo de Manila/Davao, etc), why is it that specified yung Ateneo de Manila while general na UP and De la Salle for the other institutions?

Carmel Puertollano said...

it's good that both schools are in the top 500. :) i don't like the way our marketing office presented that DLSU is ranked higher than ateneo. they made a poster that says that dlsu bested the other private universities in the philippines and on 484, they wrote "other private university" highlighted in blue. that's too low. being a lasallian, i am ashamed of how the mco of our school presented it..

Li'l Dove Feather said...

Schools have really become a business industry :(

Carmel Puertollano said...

education is being commercialized. =( that's the sad part. our student council does everything to lobby against it, but the dlsu admin isn't really the best at listening to this. they don't think dlsu education is too commercialized.. and so we think, if it is not, where does our money go? the OHPs are not even half as good. some of 'em aren't even working...

Li'l Dove Feather said...

I get why schools have to market themselves. It's needed. I know 'cause I worked for a university for some years as part of its PR and Advertising Office. However, some schools do overdo it, being too competitive (did I spell that right?). It's not bad to be proud of yourselves especially if you deserve it. But there's supposed to be a line between pride and arrogance...BTW, I am not referring to just one or two schools, but in general, okay? So please don't anyone jump on me...LOL!!!!

Li'l Dove Feather said...

I get why schools have to market themselves. It's needed. I know 'cause I worked for a university for some years as part of its PR and Advertising Office. However, some schools do overdo it, being too competitive (did I spell that right?). It's not bad to be proud of yourselves especially if you deserve it. But there's supposed to be a line between pride and arrogance...BTW, I am not referring to just one or two schools, but in general, okay? So please don't anyone jump on me...LOL!!!!

Carmel Puertollano said...

Yeah! I know right? And once you step into the campuses, you'll find yourself disappointed... i don't know why they do it...

Li'l Dove Feather said...

I know. For moolah.

Alva McKee said...

Heh. I almost went to Ateneo for college, and some of my best friends went to Ateneo, and the school color is blue, so Ateneo trumps La Salle in my book. Yes, I am on your side on this, heh. :D But as it turns out, I went to UP for 2 1/2 years before coming to the US, so Go Marooons!

My comments above are all tongue-in-cheek, of course. There should be nothing but healthy competition among these universities. I am particularly proud that these four made the top 500 list. But, uhm, I am waaay prouder that my current university is number 8 (two years ago, we were number 2, in THES' first ranking. Waaaah demoted...)! Wheeeee, GO BEARS! :D

You're absolutely right about the bias of these rankings, though. ALL rankings have their own individual biases, and THES, despite its glowing praise of my soon-to-be Alma Mater, is no exception. Here is an interesting, and IMHO largely unbiased look at the implications of this particular ranking and the methodology they used: http://www.berkeley.edu/news/berkeleyan/2004/12/01_rankings.shtml

So, yeah. It's 432 am here. I should be sleeping. Gaaah. Too much coffee. :(

montrachet p said...

What? La Salle ranked higher than Ateneo?! I'm a La Sallian, but even I can't believe it! LOL

Yannah & Ethan Redondo said...

Frankly speaking, who cares? One's school should not define his/her identity.

Xid Chan said...


(ADMU, not in the list)


CHED Center of Excellence


ASEAN Universities Network (AUN) members
-DLSU and UP- (ADMU's application was denied for the 2nd -time)

DLSU is just 95 yrs. old while ADMU is like 200?

These are the reasons why DLSU is forever VICTORIOUS and of course, sanguine.

It's not DLSU or UP's fault if your school suffers from a general erosion of academic standards and a radical polarization of the undergraduate and graduate curriculum.

Xid Chan said...

heheh, sorry guys :)

Rommel Mendoza said...

i have nothing against any other school. i don't think that relying on any measurement of success or academic prowess would suffice. we, as individuals, should not be measured in any way for each of us has different attributes and talents. it should be actions that should be judged. no matter what school you came from, the main goal of studying is to be prepared for a greater goal than anything else - nation building. i went to lasalle and i am sad to say that the school is taking the survey too seriously. there are more important issues at hand such as the ratio of academic scholars in our university and of course, the issues plaguing the local scene. what the students should do, as esteemed graduates from the prestigious universities, is to work hand in hand to tackle more important tasks. a survey is only a survey and you would not be judged by what school are you from. yes, it is important to have a healthy competition (for self-improvement will never happen if there is none) but we should not over-emphasize trivial things. there are more important issues at hand, let's look at those. i have nothing against the replies or even the post of ms. lea salonga, i just wanted to say something about this issue even if it took a while (i just stumbled on this entry). peace.

reginee tan said...

Yeah Lasallian Rocks! (i'm a lasallian) =) can't believe it Animo La Salle!!!!!

Kel S said...

New university rankings (2007)

Kel S said...


Most of those rankings are outdated. The Asiaweek rankings are from the year 2000.
Moreover, if you care to read the fine print, you will see the words

"The following MBA schools did not participate...Philippines: Ateneo Graduate School of Business"

It's not DLSU or UP's fault if your school suffers from a general erosion of academic standards and a radical polarization of the undergraduate and graduate curriculum?

Have you seen the 2007 THES-QS University rankings?

Better believe it Xid!
It's DLSU's system that's eroding. Your ridiculus dlsu-cet that I have left 3/4 unanswered yet still got accepted, and your insanely light load compared to Ateneo's is the reason for that.

Ian Vega said...

Just to point out that these so-called rankings are purely arbitrary, here are the ONLY Southeast Asian Universities to make the 2007 THES Top 500:

1 33 National University of Singapore 84.3
2 69 Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 73.6
3 223 Chulalongkorn University, Thailand 52.3
4 247 Universiti Malaya, Malaysia 49.4
5 285 Mahidol University, Thailand 44.7
6 308 Universiti Sains Malaysia 42.4
7 310 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia 42.3
8 366 Universiti Putra Malaysia 38.1
9 369 Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia 37.8
10 395 University of Indonesia 34.9
11 398 University of the Philippines 34.7
12 419 Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 33.4
13 447 Kasetsart University, Thailand 30.9
13 447 Thammasat University, Thailand 30.9
15 451 Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines 30.8
16 463 Chiang Mai University, Thailand 29.7

La Salle's didn't make the cut this time. Not that it matters.

Any hype generated by a white man's arbitrary measuring stick should not be taken seriously.

Kim Kibo said...

one of the top 500, yay number 52! University of Florida! Go Gators! and congratulations to UP, i've always wanted to attend that university when i was back there in the phils.

ricky earnhart said...

HAHAHA sour graping lang ang mga ateneans. Go go La Salle!

High Jose said...

Go, go, go La Salle! Why can't others just be happy for other school's success? Anyway, we have 4 schools to be proud of. Please be a good sport. If you're number one, you can't be number one forever. That's the truth and if that is happening, please accept it gracefully :-)