Thursday, November 23, 2006

November 23, 2006 - So quiet...

I'm currently in Cebu for the last in that corporate gig series (the show is tomorrow night).  My mom, Shiela, Nicole and her yaya Maricar are here too.  The yaya has the night off to spend with her family (her nephew is celebrating his 1st birthday today), and my mom's in the casino with Shiela.  She needs to be accompanied today because she fell in the bathroom (she didn't see the step down from the bedroom... ouch...).  Nic is fast asleep in her crib (woke up once for a nursing), so it's really just me spending some quiet time, in essence, alone.  And I'm enjoying it.

Sometimes, you just have to be in a silent room, away from the television, music, or any other distractions.  I really enjoy this kind of quiet.  It's probably one reason I sleep as late as I do... I'm a night owl by choice.  Having a child also encourages staying up late (it does for me anyway), as I feel I have to stay up to administer to her needs.  We still have nighttime nursings, and I enjoy them.  Great way to bond with my baby, as well as satisfy her appetite.

Rob stayed in Manila, as he has work to do, and an Xbox 360 to enjoy.  Mwehehehehe, I'm actually envious.

So while I can, I shall enjoy the silence of my room.  I know that in an hour or so, it'll get noisy again.

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