Monday, December 4, 2006

December 04, 2006 - Only 21 Days Till Christmas

That merry time of year is upon us once again... the decorations are up, trees are trimmed, the bazaars have opened, and the malls are full of shoppers trying to find that perfect present for the ones they love.  At my house, so far the only thing signaling the arrival of Christmas is the trimmed tree, boxes of cards and rolls of wrapping paper.  Besides that, nothing.

I haven't yet begun my shopping, the yearly "what do I get for whom" game I play, as I try to find the gifts that fit my loved ones perfectly.  I attempt to steer clear from the generic and plain... instead I wrack my brain thinking of what would be right.  Gusto ko, pinag-isipan talaga, kahit papaano, kahit gaano kamura or kaliit ang magiging regalo ko.

However, this year I won't have as much time.  I have lots of work this month... ASEAN Summit from Dec. 10-13 in Cebu, and the Asian Games Closing Ceremonies in Doha, Qatar from Dec. 14-16 (all dates include travel days to and from each city).  After that, on Dec. 26 we head to Honolulu for New Year's.

By hook or by crook I'll fit my Christmas shopping in.  All I need is 1-2 days in a good mall to find everything I need.  I'd better make my list soon.  Haaaaaaaaaaay............

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