Wednesday, December 20, 2006

December 20, 2006 - The Christmas Wives

It's official: I hate Christmas.

No, not the sentiment, not the season, not the feelings of warmth and compassion brought forth by the example of Jesus.

I hate the rush... the crowded malls... having to buy 20 jars of cookies... being unable to figure out what to get for loved ones... the feeling that my feet will detach from my ankles from walking... that, in spite of buying gifts, I still have the feeling I'm missing someone.


I had lunch with a couple of married and coupled friends over the last couple of days. Some of us are wives... one without children yet, the rest with kids of differing ages, but we all have that same vacant, harassed, tired, frustrated expression on our faces of women trying to keep up with the season without losing our minds. It's not always easy, mind you... I'm almost there.

I guess every year it's the same thing, and every year we try our darndest best. We just hope our respectives appreciate our efforts and shower us with love.

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