Saturday, December 30, 2006

December 30, 2006 - Reflections on 2006

The year is nearly over... I have to say it went by very quickly! There have been years that have taken forever to pass, but 2006 went by in almost a blur. I'm almost sad that it went by the way it did, but perhaps it went by that quickly because it was full of baby days.

- I took a break from performing in order to prepare for the coming of Nicole. It had been a while since I imposed a hiatus from work, but it was absolutely necessary. My body wasn't as strong as I was used to it being, and I needed to take some time off to get ready for her arrival.

- May 16, 2006, I gave birth! This is definitely the biggest milestone to mark my year. She's now over 7 months old, and growing stronger and prettier by the day. She's going to be a heartbreaker! Right now she's starting to babble... she can pronounce M's and B's quite well. I'll give her some time before she can string together a cohesive sentence. Right now I'm just thrilled at the peek-a-boo games and variations thereof that we play together. It sends her into a fit of delicious laughter!

- My new album was finished a couple of weeks ago. More details will be announced when I can announce them, but let's just say that it's a collection of beautifully orchestrated songs. Gerard is a genius. I can't say that enough.

And that was the year the was. On paper it doesn't seem like much, but I guess with everyday being baby day, my time was full and well spent (with some time off to re-energize). Next year is supposed to be MY year (the year of the boar), so here's to hoping that things come up roses!

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