Thursday, December 14, 2006

December 14-15, 2006 - The Games of Your Life

I'm blogging from the car on the way back to the hotel from Khalifa Stadium, where I'll be performing at the closing ceremony of the 15th Asian Games in Doha, Qatar. To be honest, the facilities are very impressive, what with all the moolah pumped into the construction, paid for the Emir of Qatar himself. Bongga.

I'll continue this later from a proper computer... I left my laptop at home so I'll have to borrow Rob's or head to the hotel business center at some point. Or finish it when I get back home. Bahala na si Batman.


I'm back... it's nearly 2 am and I've just returned from my final dress tech at the stadium.  I'd like to think that I've developed an inordinate amount of patience, just from the practice of being in theatre, where a lot of the time during a technical rehearsal period, it's "hurry up and wait".  Such is life.

Anyway, when it came time for my turn to rehearse, I was brought down to a basement called "The Chamber" where my own little stage was to be set up, and me situated upon it.  Of course I'm being totally facetious when I say "little"... in fact my stage is quite sizable, as well as very tall.  Tall!  I sing on a platform that, when fully raised, is a few storeys above the stadium floor.  The platform itself is about 3 meters in diameter, so I do have ample room to move, and there are handrails on its perimeter.  I dare not go anywhere near those handrails however... it would mean looking straight down at the floor below.  Sorry, no can do.  I stand in the center of the circle, and stay there, making sure my legs are prepared to handle the rise and descent of the platform.  Hopefully it comes out on TV, so you'll better understand what I'm trying (and failing) to describe.  Oh, showbusiness... how I laaaaaaav thee.

I'm not usually afraid of heights, but I guess the absence of an actual surrounding building gives me the willies when I stand up on my stage, but it's something to consider a challenge perhaps.  How to maintain poise and elegance while standing 3 storeys up on a circular platform 3 meters across... and oh yeah, sing the closing theme song of what is now the 2nd largest sports event in the world.  Easy enough, isn't it?

Yes, I will be just fine, rest assured.  But please say a prayer that the entire night goes smoothly from start to finish.  Add a special petition for the weather... there has been more rain in Doha in the last two weeks than there has been in years.  Clear skies please.

I will be home on Saturday night...

God, I miss Nicole... I know that she's in great hands and that there's no need to worry.  But I miss her terribly.  *sigh*

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