Monday, October 29, 2007

Another 20 Things

Hey... why not keep going?

1.  You're far better off without him.  If you stayed, he would have dragged you straight to hell.

2.  You reek of insincerity and ulterior motives.

3.  It would have been better off if you'd done it sooner... why delay the inevitable?

4.  It could have been you, you know...

5.  I wish I had your life.

6.  You need mouthwash!

7.  You weren't thinking, were you?

8.  Why you gotta be so mean?

9.  Thank goodness you never had children.

10.  Karma bit your ass.  Serves you right.

11.  You know what... I never really liked you.

12.  Just come out of the closet already... who are you trying to kid?  No one's buying your "straight guy" act.

13.  Shut up already... you're just way too loud.

14.  You need deodorant.  Right now.

15.  Stop being such an ass... no one here likes you and you're making it worse.

16.  I don't think you've completely forgiven me, so don't say you have.

17.  All that backbiting will get you nowhere.  You have any idea what other people are saying about you?  If you only knew...

18.  You could have destroyed perfectly good relationships with what you revealed... stop being so stupid and stop pretending to be clueless.

19.  I can't blame her for how she felt about you... if I was her, I'd have seriously maimed you by now.

20.  Be happy and satisfied with what you have... in case you haven't noticed, you are incredibly blessed.  You have no reason to search elsewhere or want more.  For once in your life, do the right thing.


J a j a Berenguer said...

I sure hope this person ain't a singer or else... whew!

Chinky Fuentes said...

I would like to tell this to a lot of people I know. Some folks just don't know what they have.

dianneLouise ♥ said...

Another group? Cool!

dianneLouise ♥ said...

Another group? Cool!

Erleen Fernandez said...

Hi should write a book, you know....just a thought!...

Urane laderas-cabantog said...

for nos. 6 and 14... oh my!!! i think you really need to take Miss lea's advice.. if you know who you are.. hehehe

maritzki nieva said...

manang! i have a really good one:) to whoever!!!

aggie . said...

god, this just made me love you more... i love your "TRUTHINESS", lol!