Monday, February 5, 2007

Lea Live in Davao

Start:     Feb 17, '07 8:00p
This is my first time here, and I'm so looking forward to it!


kay r said...

OMG! This, I can go to...where will you be performing? Can me and my tita show you around? (pasensya na Lea I couldn't help giving the offer)

Arvin Quirante said...

Hi Lea! Sana nasa Pinas ako to see you perform again. Miss ko na ang golden voice mo. Thanks pala for including me sa pag-imbita to see your show. Ako naman ay busy rehearsing for Tarzan. Ang part ko ay understudy Terk and best friend na ape ni Tarzan. Minsan si Jane(joke lang)!!! Hope you can come visit us in Amsterdam. Actually, matagal ko ng gustong tanungin sa iyo kung pwede ka bang mag-perform sa Amsterdam para sa mga pinoy pati na rin mga dutch kaso nawalan naman tayo ng contact. Sino ba ang dapat kausapin to invite you to come and perform for the pinoy community sa Amsterdam? Ang gusto ko sana ako ang mag-produce. Kung possible lang sana..... :-) God bless and break a leg sa show mo! Cheers! Arvin

Ria O. said...

Yehey I'm playing here! I think we musicians have one full day off. Rest and relaxation, here I come!

Chinky Fuentes said...

Can't wait to see you in Davao, Lea. My husband and I will be flying to Davao on the 14th via Cebu. I hope I can show you around Davao, too (he he he) but I'm sure something's already arranged for you by the organizers. I just wish I could have a picture with you. Would that be possible?

Don't eat too much durian, there, Lea. It would send your cholesterol level to the skies. Davao is a safe place, the mayor made sure of that. Best places to eat in Davao: Dencia's (delicious lugaw), Merco Bolton and Asian Restaurant. I'm sure there are more but these 3 places I can really bet my bottom pesos on. Eden Park is heavenly so if you can, it would be a very nice place to visit.

M a C said...

hi Lea :) We've got the tickets!!! Yipeeee!!! I'm so excited!!! Back in January pa lang, I frantically searched where we can get the tickets. Finally, I can see you in person! Live!!! Singing! Had a dream to watch you in "Miss Saigon" but unfortunately, ganun na lang yun -- a dream. I'm really looking forward to the concert...sure am counting down the days...! :) Btw, I hope you'll like Davao :)

banggigay -- said...

hi lea!

pls post here the details of your concert. i'm flying to davao on 17th and wanted to see you perform down south ;-)


M a C said...

So excited now! Just one more day and then, we are lining up to get to our seats in Lea's first concert in Davao :)

Here's the concert's details: Saturday, Feb 17 2007, 8pm @ Central Bank Convention Center. I think you can get your ticket/s (if still available) in SM, a resto along Quimpo Blvd., Ecoland (before reaching SM, you can see a banner of the concert or something like it -- sorry, I forgot the resto's name...), and I think in Insular (Waterfront) Hotel.


i've heard davao is a nice city...and there are lots of place to go to... hope i can go there for your concert. anyhow, goodluck to all of you who's part of that concert. how i wish one day, you'll visit us here in BICOL...:) God Bless.

M a C said...

:::Post-Davao Concert Message:::


I can only say this with feelings in local dialect: Sus! Dili lang ka talented, gwapa pa jud! :)

To hear you sing live is a dream come true. It's so surreal for me. I enjoyed all the songs and really had fun with that Taylor-the-Latte-Boy pow-wem hehe. What's the title of that song? It’s the first time I ever heard of it and changing some words, tailoring it for Davao audience...nice!

Before coming to the concert, I was wishing that you'd sing "Someone Who'll (To?) Watch Over Me", "Two Words" and "I Dreamed Another Dream”. The latter, I was sure. When you sang “Someone…”, that already made my night. Luckily, I was able to record it in my sister's digicam and so I can enjoy them whenever I want to hehe. We were seated somewhere on the left, middle part of the area so you're still visible...on the big screen hehe. The good news is that the sound quality is so clear that it's almost like I'm in the concert once more. I'm not sure if it's alright to upload them without causing copyright infringement or something.

To your brother Gerard and the rest of the musicians…wonderful! Your two "latte boys" were great, too. As for Jed Madela…you’re right, is he even human? He’s really, really good!

Your Davao concert made my parents and sister happy, especially my Ma. She giggled every time you laughed. In her own words, "Ang cute-cute talaga ni Lea! Hihihihi!" hehehe. You really made my Ma smile and laugh -- for that alone, I’m so thankful to you and to the rest of your concert cast. I hope that it won't be your last in Davao.

God bless and good luck with your upcoming Broadway gig.

Salamat jud kaayo, Lea... :)

vespa vespa said...

Hi Lea!

Davao Concert was a Blast! We had so much fun! You're simply amazing! Hope it won't be your last ...

Chinky Fuentes said...

Hi, lea! The davao concert was one of the best concerts i've ever been to. maybe because it was so romantic and you were so funny! I love the song Taylor, the latte boy. My husband laughed when you said Matina because that's where we live whenever we are in Davao. Too bad we didn't get to have a picture taken with you but Gerard, Jon and Jed willingly posed with us, so it was okay. Besides, your songs were enough to satisfy us for the evening.

I hope you were able to buy delicious durian. I'm not a big fan of it either but my husband knows where to get the best. The best suha would be at Nenita. It is because of the soil that it is planted on that made it so delicious so there are no other like it. We just bought two boxes to bring to Bohol and I know that I would just sit, watch tv, and eat, eat, eat.

Well, you'll be gone long but when you get back, we'll be ready to buy your tickets and cds. God bless!