Thursday, February 8, 2007

February 08, 2007 - I got a new computer

Yes, yes, oh God yes! (And this really is my reaction when I bring home a new laptop... but I let Rob open the box; I think he loves tech far more than I do.)

I have the new Macbook... black (once you go black... he he he)... 120 gigs of hard drive space, 1 gig of RAM, a beautiful 13" display with a glossy screen that makes video just totally pop... 6x superdrive... and a "no one can pry the keys off the keyboard" keyboard. I was very proud when I walked out of the store toting the box.

Well, my purchase today was more out of necessity than anything else. The logic board of my existing PowerBook got fried (everything working fine one minute, then the unit going to crap the next)... good thing though that I could start it as a Firewire hard drive for the transfer of information to the new laptop. And I didn't skip a beat. Awesome!

My brother remarked this morning that they don't make Macs like they used to. Given that observation, I can't help but fall in love with the offerings that Mac is making. And they made something truly beautiful with this computer.


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