Tuesday, February 27, 2007

February 26, 2007 - Ah, a day off

Sure it's a day off, but when you have a teething 9-month-old baby girl whose body whips backwards when a stab of tooth pain kicks in, it isn't much of a break. Both my mom and I took turns trying to calm her down, and trying anything that would hopefully work: homeopathic teething tablets and paracetamol... rocking her back and forth... singing to her... wearing her in a baby carrier... breastfeeding... bottlefeeding... finally, in her Abu's arms, she fell right to sleep. Nic's been out for about 2 hours now, and I'm using the time to read my research material for the show and pertinent passages from Les Miz (the novel).

It's a cloudy day outside, and I see snow flurries outside my window, but my insides are warm and sunny. I try to bring that cheeriness with me as much as I can. I've been called "sunshine" before, perhaps because of this. I'm a generally positive person, trying to steer clear of any dark, negative thoughts. I'm not one to carry much angst in me, because it just isn't in me to do so. What for? Life's hard enough as it is, I don't wish to cloud my world and whatever I see in it.

It's an idealistic view, and maybe a very naive one. But so what? Life can already be bleak and unfair, dealing cards that we didn't want, or we throw down hands before we were supposed to. I choose to deal with that by making the best of things and every situation. I see no point in stamping my feet because I made a wrong move here and there. Nandiyan na eh, make the most of it na lang.

So, when life deals lemons, I make lemonade. Sayang naman if I just squash the fruit beneath my feet.

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