Monday, September 25, 2006

September 24, 2006 - Why...

... is it so frickin' difficult to get over jet lag?

... does a newer, faster version of the computer you just bought come out a few weeks after you bought it?

... does "movement" happen more easily after a cup or two of coffee?

... do boys love their toys so much?

... is it hard to get Nic to sleep at night sometimes?

... can't the Philippines seem to get it together (it's about Goddamn time we do)?

... does shit happen?

... can I remember scripts and songs, but forget where I put my glasses?

... does time fly when you're having fun, and crawl when you're not?

... why do I need -- NEED! -- to finish a flight of stairs (be the number of steps odd or even) with my left foot?

... why do I always put my shoes on left foot first?

... do I even bother?

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