Thursday, September 21, 2006

September 20, 2006 - Da Beeg Eypol

We've been in New York City for the past 3 days, getting in last Monday evening.  I'm here for meetings and such... unfortunately, we don't have the time to see a show at the moment.  That's okay, I have a feeling I'll be back here for another, more lengthy visit.  Who knows, maybe I'll find myself in another Broadway show or something next year.  Wouldn't that be nice?


Not much happening over here with us, save for the baby.  However, I do find the life change to be an amazing one.  It's not about us -- the adults -- anymore, it's about the baby.  Personally, I am loving it!  She's a puzzle that's not always easy to figure out.  She cries, and we don't always know if it's food, a dry diaper, a blanket or a cuddle that she needs.  A lot of the time, it's trial and error.  We're getting the hang of it though, at least I think we are.

We've not gone crazy just yet, although today Rob found himself at the end of the "what the f*** do I do now" rope.  I was out for a meeting and Nic was crying, giving him such a hard time.  I got back to the hotel, and found her in his arms beside herself.  I tried a nursing, she still wouldn't stop.  So I got her out of her clothes, gave her a little massage, placed her on her tummy atop my chest... finally, a nice big burp came out.  And now she's fine.  At the moment she's fast asleep, arms outstretched, legs turned out.  Oh man, so fulfilling when you figure it all out!

We're back in LA on Friday afternoon... back to my car, back to our messy house, back to the bright sunshine. 


I think I wanna live in New York again. 

There's something about this city that's been good for me.  Just a feeling when I'm walking in the brisk autumn air.  But... if we do decide to live here, it won't be for very long as I'll be doing an Asian tour, with rehearsals beginning in June 2008.  Ah well, a year in New York wouldn't be a bad idea. 

Haaaaaaay, I don't know... I just have to go where God leads me.  He led me to London... New York... Los Angeles... Manila... who knows where the wind'll take me this time.  I just have to be open to any and all possibilities.  I almost feel like some sort of missionary, going from place to place.  If anything, I'm very blessed to have this kind of occupation. 

I have a feeling my mission isn't over yet... the next instructions may come in the form of a calm breeze, a gentle wave, or 10,000 volts shooting up my ass as I stand in a puddle of water.

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