Friday, August 25, 2006

August 25, 2006 - Sniffles...

Yep, Nicole has a cold and an ear infection.

Her nose is stuffy and I can hear all sorts of junk... unfortunately, the junk cannot be sucked out with the little rubber bulb.  Her pediatrician prescribed a mucolytic to loosen things up, as well as antibiotic ear drops to deal with the infection.  She's her more normal self, and hasn't needed the anti-fever medication for the last two days.  My mom watched her the last couple of days, and the yaya is becoming more adept at handling her.  Aiding her is Gerard's old yaya, who always tries to sneak in a carry and a kiss when she can.  I love it!

I truly appreciate the caretakers that help us care for Nicole... they do so with lots of love and patience.  In a way, they are extensions of us, extra pairs of arms when we need a rest.  Nicole seems to enjoy all this extra attention!  I wonder how she's going to deal with just Mommy and Daddy when we head for the States next month, for a month.

We are going to die.  Already my husband utters, "I'm going to miss the help."

I have a funny feeling we're going to end up in Manila.  Things have been very good for us... the friends, the golf, the food... the life.

Speaking strictly for myself, I'm very happy here.  And my heart will not be going anywhere.

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