Saturday, May 5, 2007

Les Misérables

Start:     Mar 6, '07
End:     Aug 18, '07
Location:     Broadhurst Theater, 235 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10019
Yep, today and everyday (except Sundays, until September 3).

--> Tuesday performances are ALWAYS at 7:00 PM. All other evening shows are at 8:00 PM.

--> Wednesday and Saturday matinee performances are at 2:00 PM.


Lei Salazar said...

thank you for this sked lea, needed this, so i'd know which time/date i'm able to go! God bless you!

dobi veloso said...

love your photo, manang. was that by ronnie salvacion? he's coming to ny this june.

Click here and comment... What u like... said...

Is June 9th Lea's last performance ? Is there a night show or just the matinee?


Embrace I. said...

Thanks for the sched, Lea. How much are the ticket prices though?

arkitekfhc . said...

Les Miz Show Schedule and Ticket Prices:

Information below copied from

Group Sales
For information about group sales for groups of 12 or more, please visit Group Sales or call (212) 239-6262 (outside the NY metro area (800) 432-7780.)

To Purchase Single Tickets:
Go to
For information about individual ticket sales call (212) 239-6200 (Outside the NY metro area (800) 432-7250.)).

Detailed Pricing Information
Orchestra: $111.25
Orchestra (Rows C-H Partial View): $66.25
Mezzanine (Rows A-J): $111.25
Mezzanine (Row K): $66.25
Mezzanine (Row L): $36.25

Friday & Saturday Evenings and performances November 22 - November 25:
Orchestra: $111.25
Mezzanine (Rows A-J): $111.25
Mezzanine (Rows K): $81.25
Mezzanine (Row L): $66.25

All prices included a $1.25 facility fee.

Tickets purchased online and by phone are subject to a per ticket service charge of $6.50 and a per order handling fee. Handling fees vary by how your tickets are delivered.

Premium Seating
Premium Seating at $176.25 ($226.25 for Saturday evenings and performances November 22 - 25; $151.25 for Wednesday matinees) per ticket is also available by clicking here or by calling the Premium Desk at 212-239-6270.

Ticket Limit
There is a 19 ticket limit per 7 day period, per name, credit card account, billing address and/or e-mail address. Tickets purchased which exceed this limit will be canceled without notification. Certain types of seating may have a different ticket limit.

Dates & Times
Tuesday @ 7pm, Wednesday - Saturday @ 8pm, Wednesday & Saturday @ 2pm, Sunday @ 3pm

Beginning June 18:
Monday @ 8pm, Tuesday @ 7pm, Wednesday - Saturday @ 8pm, Wednesday & Saturday @ 2pm

Beginning September 3:
Tuesday @ 7pm, Wednesday - Saturday @ 8pm, Wednesday & Saturday @ 2pm, Sunday @ 3pm

On sale thru November 25

Box Office Hours
Monday - Saturday: 10am - 8pm
Sunday: Noon - 6pm

Special Ticket Offers
Box Seats: Available at the Box Office only.

Standing Room: $21.25 ($26.25 for Friday & Saturday evenings) - Available at the Box Office only - only when the performance is sold out.

Student Rush: $26.25 - Available for performances Tuesday - Thursday evenings only (not available April 3-12) - Tickets go on sale two hours prior to curtain time - Limit 2 tickets per valid ID - Subject to availability.

Embrace I. said...

woah.. thanks for the info! =)

Tricia McNulty said...

Hi Lea,

Will you be performing at/or attending the Tony's on June 10th. I was a guess of the sponsor last year (the 60th) and got invited to the after-party, it was sooo intimidating!!! I really wish you were there. I might have left happy that I saw someone nice and friendly, like you were to me when I asked for your autograph after the LM show on May 25. I was the one that came from Las Vegas (you probably don't remember - of course you just meet too many people). Thanks so much!

bing ♥ said...

for tickets--

try or you can get tickets for 40% off.

seher shamim said...

HI Lea,
I am bringing my best friend to new york city for her birthday...its a big surprise and I bought tickets for Les Mis for Saturday, June 16th at 8pm. You're her favorite singer of all time and I'm not 100% that you are performing that nite! (thats the only way the surprise will work). Will you be performing Saturday June 16th at 8pm?

angelina guevarra said...

Hi Lea,

I will intentionally go to NewYork to watch you perform as Fantine in Les Miz. Will you be performing on the 13th of July or the 14th of July? I really want to see you perform and I hope to God that during those days, you will be performing... Do you have an alternate, an understudy of some sort?

Kristine Geronimo said...

Hi Lea,
my sister and i are hoping to catch you on Les Mis and I can't remember where we read it, but would you still be on Les Mis when October rolls around? In particular will you still be part of the show around the October 5-8 weekend? Unfortunately, this is the only time we can make it to NYC as we are from Hamilton, Ontario.

MaihJongs . said...

Oh my! We're gonna miss the last day of show. We''lll see you next time around on another play!