Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Entry for May 01, 2007 - Gentlemen...

How strange... the things I think about when being driven home...

My brain shifted to what I think gentlemen are, what they should be and how to spot them. I've met quite a few assholes in my day, but also an abundance of truly wonderful folks who were brought up in the proper ways of gentlemanship. Find below my opinions of how I spot them (this also applies to ladies):

- They speak not only of their friends publicly with class, but of their enemies as well, however deep their dislike or hatred runs (in private though, ibang usapan na yan);

- They also know when to keep their mouths shut about more delicate topics;

- They can keep a secret (and even conveniently forget that secret when they need to);

- They are chivalrous, never forgetting to open the door for you, carry a heavy bag for you, pull out your chair, or help you up (or down) the stairs;

- They don't indulge in gossip, as it perpetuates possible untruths;

- They are staunchly loyal to their loved ones, regardless of the circumstance;

- All reactions are appropriate for every occasion;

- They'll never take advantage of an object of attraction when said object is drunk or stoned... that isn't fair game;

- When with a lady or gentleman friend of a more special, intimate persuasion, although having fun at a gathering, will never neglect the needs or wants of their companion;

- They will always try to find the good in a person, circumstance or situation, no matter how difficult that can sometimes be;

- They are truly, truly respectful;

- They will never intentionally humiliate or belittle another human being.

I know, my idealism speaks, but is it too much to ask that we all treat one another a little better?

Admittedly, there are people on this planet that I severely dislike (almost to the point of hatred... almost), but in public I maintain civility and even a smile. That's how I was brought up, and that's the behavior I observed. Nothing wrong with that... besides, I rant all I want about them in private, with pairs of ears privy to my acid tongue.

Being a public figure also makes this difficult... many pairs of eyes watch my every move, so every move had better be worthy of notation in the annals of politeness. I also try to maintain propriety even in private. You will never find me grabbing someone else's anything without their express permission first. I've seen a beer grabbed from a friend's hand, and I felt bad for the grabbee. Que rude, man. Que walang breeding.

Sigh... I guess my long winded blog posting is just a little bit of wishful thinking, that we all treat one another with a bit more respect, kindness and consideration. I'd like to think it isn't too much to ask. It'll make this world a far more pleasant place to live in, and I plan to live in it for a good long time.

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