Sunday, July 8, 2007

July 08, 2007 - Relationships

I was just on Skype ( - get it, it's fabulous) with one of our oldest friends in Manila (she's one of my mom's contemporaries, i.e., they're more or less the same age), and she was talking about a married couple whose relationship just went by the wayside... they have a 10-year-old child. I then related similar tales of two other married couples whose marriages didn't work out. In both cases, the husbands left. For whatever reason, they didn't deem it worth it to continue their unions and opted instead to just pack up and leave.

I shook my head (and let out a few choice expletives) when I heard of my friends becoming uncoupled. In one case there were no children... in the other, two little girls.

So my friend had to let out a sigh and wonder what it is with today's relationships that separations (and ultimately annulments/divorces) happen much more frequently. How come marriages seem all the more disposable and far easier to leave, even with the presence of children.

No, dear reader, I don't have the answers. My parents' union didn't work out either (and neither did that of my husband's folks), so I don't have that secret magic formula for a happy, lasting marriage. All I know is, a solid union takes work and the willingness to put forth the effort. Rob and I have been married 3 1/2 years now (and together for nearly 6 years altogether), and we're doing fine. Other close friends of mine have celebrated marriages lasting 20 years and 13 years, which gives me tons of inspiration.

On a lighter note, two cast members of Les Miz have just embarked on an adventure... they are in a brand new relationship and are giddily, happily in love. Both as individuals are wonderful, fantastic people, and I have nothing but good wishes for them. That, and plenty of hope.

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Malu Silverman y Cabrido said...

I pray that your union lasts. You are both matured individuals, hard working and and intelligent too.