Monday, March 12, 2007

March 12, 2007 - Up at 3 AM

Damn those two Ruby Red Cosmos... they put me out for a short nap, only to awaken me past midnight. Ah well, I did get some online stuff done, and chatted with a few pals as well. Technology, in all its shapes and forms, does some serious rockin'. It helps to keep me abreast of all things going on at home and everywhere.

I just finished my full week at Les Miz (8 shows straight withou a break), and I must say, Fantine is quite manageable vocally. Even with a cold, I think I could do the show without taking a day off (I would have to seriously be down with something to be out sick), which makes me happy. I know that there are many Pinoys who expect me to be there, and who unhesitatingly express their disappointment when I'm not around.

Today after the show we headed across the street to Angus McIndoe Restaurant for drinks to celebrate my coming into the show and Les Miz's 20th Anniversary of its original opening on Broadway. A few of the original company came to see the show today and partied along with the current cast. It was great! As I said, I had my two cosmos (deeeeeeeeelicious!!!), and my share of finger food. I left at around 7:30, as I needed to be home with my baby. And I'm up at 3:19 after having spent some time awake with her as well.

Life, I have to say, is pretty good right now. I just feel incredibly blessed.

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