Saturday, March 3, 2007

March 03, 2007 - I have officially lost my mind...

It's been a very long day. Nay, it's been a very long week.

Second show of a two show day... finale, Act I... One Day More... I found myself singing the Eponine track at the ending, as I'm marching. I caught myself in mid-line and immediately stopped... but not before a few adjacent members of the ensemble heard my booboo.

Yeah, baby, I'm back on Broadway! I only pray that this doesn't happen while I'm doing Fantine.

My knees and arms are black and blue... my upper arms and thighs are aching from barricade climbing. Well if nothing else, I'm getting some much needed exercise. Hooray.

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KarinA ... said...

this is funny and i can totally understand how this can happen.
i can still sing to miss saigon...all characters, alternating all voices, all at the same time as if it's meant to be sung by only one person. it makes people around me look at me strangely. haha.